Questions about Herbert "Toots" Winfield - Updated 6-28-17

Name: Herbert Joilie Winfield or Herbert "Toots" Winfield
Nickname: "Toots"
Stationed: Crisp Point Light-Station, Raspberry Island Lighthouse & Manitou Island Light
Positions: 2nd Assistant & 1st Assistant never made the rank of: "Lighthouse Keeper."
Birth: Born on the 25th day of May 1879 on Mackinac Island, Michigan to Louis Joilie and Helen (Martin) Winfield. Birth records missing or lost? (Requesting additional Military Records, Personnel History and any other information available)

  1. Allegedly Herbert Winfield along with other prohibition officers posing as lighthouse keepers. From what I have been able to gather Herbert and others would go around to the neighborhood speakeasies and close them down. As a result town’s people became really mad and ostracized Herbert Winfield for what he was doing. (True, False or a Myth?)
  2. Herbert Winfield and his friends led a very colorful life. In one of the Keeper’s Logbooks it was noted that from time to time a group of young people would be out at the lighthouse visiting Winfield. They would setup tents on the lawn and cause quite a disturbance during their visits. One has to wonder what really went on during those visits? Is this: (True, False or a Myth?)
  3. Herbert Winfield also served on Manitou Island Light as 2nd Assistant from the 6th day of June 1905 to the 30th day of June 1905. The reason for Winfield leaving Manitou Island Light was stated as: “Declined.” What was that actual cause?
  4. Where did the name “Toots” come from, who gave this nickname to him and why?
  5. Where did Winfield live on Mackinac Island and what happen to those records?
  6. Who is Miss Kittie Jerrian? (Sister, Step Sister, Friend, Spouse?)
  7. What was his occupation from 1919 to 1922 while he was on Mackinac Island?
  8. Who is Irene Lobin and what is her relationship to Herbert? (Spouse?)
All answers to these questions must have creditable documentation that can be emailed to me for further verification. Good luck on finding the answers and thanks for helping out.
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